SDG is a People-first and People-centric ecosystem of critical solutions built around our SDG token generation platform. 

Core to this design is SDG ID and SDG Data, cutting edge secure identity, authentication and decentralized personally owned data solution for all SDG participants. 

 SDG ID authenticates seamless and behind the scenes access to and use of all SDG ecosystem solutions.

SDG DATA provides each community user with full ownership and control of their data with the choice of commercializing personal data fully under the control of the user.


Stronger & frictionless user experience with decentralised authentication

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SDG Data

Securing valuable information with decentralised data vaults

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  • Simple, easy to use decentralised authentication security
  • Two Factor Authentication (2FA) out of the box
  • Convenient user experience
  • Completely removes the password from your system and applications

SDG ID solves password issues

SDG ID has redesigned how authentication works from the ground up. We have completely removed the password from the authentication process and replaced it with a simple secret that is only known to the end-user. Our decentralised approach to authentication means this secret is not stored anywhere, not on your system or on ours, leaving nothing for an attacker to steal.


  • No complicated password for the end-user to remember
  • No credentials stored on any server for an attacker to steal
  • Easy to use
  • Does not rely on 3rd party apps being installed on your user’s devices
  • 2FA out of the box

SDG Data

  • Removes sensitive information off your network
  • Securely manages data in decentralised environments
  • Safely recalls data at any time to authorised users
  • Reduces data breach risk
  • Restores control of personal data to the owner

SDG Data prevents sensitive data theft

Data breaches are occurring with greater frequency and impact (both financial and reputational) every day – it’s not a matter of if, but when.

By removing sensitive information off your network, there is nothing to steal! Therefore your business won’t be exposed to the risks of financial and reputational damage due to sensitive data theft.

Giving control of personal data back to the owner increases trust with your customers.

SDG Data helps secure and control personally identifiable information (PII), credit card data and other sensitive information, such as financial data, on any device the user nominates.

SDG Data leverages SDG ID technology to safely store data locally on Authenticate-secured devices.


  • Improves customer experience by safely and reliably transferring data on demand
  • Increases productivity by securing data exchange across multiple channels
  • Reduces developer costs with easy installation via simple APIs
  • Minimises impacts of potential breaches by ensuring there is no valuable data to steal
  • Builds trust by giving rightful owners back control of their valuable data
Reduces cyber risk by decentralising valuable and sensitive data.

Strengthens compliance with data laws including GDPR and NDB Scheme.

Prevents fraud by removing common attack vectors.

Lowers complexity and cost of cybersecurity across the organisation.

Easy to set up

We make the user experience simple with self-service sign-up and management.


Yearly subscriptions to keep your valuable data covered as your organisation’s needs evolve.


Auto-scale infrastructure seamlessly in the cloud or on premise to meet demand.

Great support

Easy to follow how-to guides and console to help you manage your applications.


Our products have passed all third party penetration testing and cryptographic verification.


RESTFul APIs that are easily and intuitively integrated with your existing systems.

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